Still life!

First, I think I am getting improved and more resourceful. That’s satisfying. Second, I will be 20 year old in 13 days. Just like when I reached 19, I think getting older is serious. I want to be wiser.  This is not really important, but I want to get bigger-and-stronger and look a bit more mature! Ha-ha. I am 19 already but my friends say I look younger. I don't even have moustache yet! Well, looking a bit more mature is not important. I am happy with the nature of me
Beside attending lecture class, I had  other activities. Several days before, on Wednesday, I got busy with Rendezvous committee. Despite lacking of human-resources, I and the small committee successfully have have hold the candidates open debate in students plaza. I attended some trainings, journalistic training  and communication skill training in my campus, and got inspired by them.
Anyway, I have to finish a paper on management. I wish I had had ‘Paper’ lecture subject in the first term so I have the skil to finish assignment like paper easily. My class movie project is postponed. But, I got a new project with writing club.I get cold and always forget to buy medicine. The midterm examination is coming closer.
Last day,  I participated in a committee for the event called Rihlah. It was held by the Muslim STAN-students organization in my neighborhood, Perumahan Pondok Jaya. In Rihlah, we took about a hundred kids to the Ragunan zoo. It was very fun!