I should study now. The books and all the matters of Akuntansi are in front of me. But, I feel like want to do something else. I am not really nervous, perhaps it is because my accounting lecturer, Bu Keke, has promised my class that there will be remedial. But, I should not feel free like this now. It is better to make good score for Akuntansi. I know I am wasting my time and I should not do this. All Right, after this I will study devotedly. Really really devotedly.

I think I will really move from ponjay to another place. I, Zakris, and some class mates are planning to rent a house near the campus. I think it will be efficient to live near the campus and I think I can save some money because the living cost there are lower than in pondok jaya. We have not found the house. We are going to look for the house soon. I hope we can find a good one and I hope it will be fun to live in.

Last night, I was in my mentoring meeting. There are so many things, and so many lessons from Kak Sadimin, my mentor. One of them is about preparing for Ramadan month. I realized that I am not really ready for Ramadan month. I am happy for the coming of Ramadan but i have not prepared my self. But I want to do the fasting well, not just hold my self from eating and drinking but trying to find the meaning of the fasting itself. I also want to khatam Al-Quran at least one time in Ramadan. I don't want to miss too many tarawih in mosque. The most important is I want to get close to Allah and clean my heart.

All right :)

Bimillahirrahmanirrahim :)


my home, my family, and my friends there in makassar, i am going home soon :)