How I Am

Hello :)

Everything is going quite well. I am going to have my final exam. It will start on July 26 and it will end on August 4th. I have not mastered all my lecture material but I am working on it. I am preparing myself so I can succeed in the final exam. For today and the following days, I will be studying devotedly. I will study by myself or with my friends. After final exam, I can go to Makassar, my hometown.

I am looking forward to going home. I am happy that I am going to gather with my parents and my brothers again. I miss many friends and I am also looking forward to meeting them. It will be very fun. The length of the break will be about 1 or 2 month.

We are reaching Ramadan month. Somehow, I feel like I am not ready. Hmm, there is something else. Astagfirullahaladzim. But, I feel happy about Ramadan month. It’s been always special. I hope I can do better in Ramadan month. There will be a lot self introspection. I hope I can learn, do Ibadah better, and become someone better. Amin

During the holiday, IMAM will make STAN admission test tryout. I was chosen as the head for publication and documentation. I actually have rejected the position. It will give me a big responsibility, then the seniors of IMAM encouraged me to do it and they also give me rational reason why they chose me to be the head of that division. Then, I take it. I hope the position will not be an obstacle for me to enjoy the holiday and Ramadan freely.

I feel sorry about my sparring and curriculum division of debating club of SEC. I did not do very well for the division. I think, we failed during the our first months to serve the debating community well. I am sorry.

I almost finish my first year in STAN. There have been a lot of things happen to me. I learnt a lot. There’s been many experiences, sweet ones and bitter ones. When I really have finished this first-year, I will be looking forward to start everything over again for the second-year. I want to develop myself better in next terms. The upcoming break will be a time for me to do the planning for my next terms in STAN.