Running and Learning

Today is like running away or letting go something. It was like I tried to leave my bad thoughts or my bad circumstance by getting out of them. Running.  It happened until the afternoon. The night was fun with the mentoring meeting. I got my self inspired and learning new knowledge.

I felt so sleepy during the accounting class. I could not understand what Bu Keke was trying to make clear to the class. My mind was obviously could not bare investment on bond. In the break time after accounting class, I walked out of my campus area and headed to Indomaret to grab some food. Then, after getting myself full. I climbed the stair to the library, second floor of Gedung P. I opened my journal book and wrote some lines of what I just did and some thoughts. Then, I just stared at Bintaro street, to building, vehicles, and people down there. I was day dreaming.

The law class was also sleepy. I  felt quite sleepy. I wished the chair where I was sitting was a soft mattress. I picked the chair in the back of the class wishing Mr. Boy, my lecturer, would not see me sleepy-ing. I think the other students were blocking his view. After the class, I went home. When I say home, I mean the house on Keramik street, Pondok Jaya. I was back to campus at 1.50 PM for civics class.

I ran fast in my campus corridor. It was after civics class. The class was very boring and I had some terrible thoughts in my mind. I felt bad. In the class, I was sitting next to big window. The class was a lectural theatre and it was second floor. If i would not die after jumping thru the window, i would really do it. Having got out of the class, I ran.  My mood was so bad. I was  running to the west, leaving the boredom. I was trying to heal my mood and it worked :) Perhaps, I am gonna try to run again when I got dizzy.

I attended mentoring meeting tonight. It was fun. I think better than last meeting. I listened to the my mentor and my mentor-mates. Everyone was a teacher for each other. It was like feeding my mind with fresh good thoughts. I was learning. I am grateful.


My running was also inspired by Life is Life video clip of Noah and The Whale. This picture is a photograph from an old national geographic magazine that I re-photographed. The kids in the picture are running. The title of the article is In touch with the nature. I want to do such thing, running in the nature.