they think i am completely innocent. i don't think they really know me. i am strange. i am different. i can be so calm, so safe, so kind, so friendly, a religious one. but, i can be mad. i can break all the rules, be wild. but it rarely happens. i wont kill. i am not hurtful.

i am now sitting my self. typing for this blog, things that i should have done regularly.

my head feels so light, an effect of cigarette i just had, i think so. a friend just taught me how to enjoy cigarette better, inhale the smoke twice. first, you inhale it into your mouth, then let it flow into your throat. inhale it maximally. feel it. then, let the smoke out. its enjoyable.

there’s something sweet. its fragrant. its enjoyable. its comfortable. but, things always change. so do the sweetness. the sweet would not last forever. you may feel pain because the sweetness has gone. you could wonder when it will happen again. but, soon or later, the sweetness comes again to you. bitter is the opposite of sweet. they’re life. they come and go.