i just arrived home. i just took a walk. sometimes stop for coffee, some ciggies, and sarsaparila. all by myself. i just need a stop. i want to get relaxed. but, i find almost everything cant work. thats why i decided to take a walk. i walk about two kilometres. cars, pedagang kaki lima, restaurants, coffee shop on bintaro main roads I passed them all. I dont know what i was actually looking for. i just need an escape.

i don't feel satisfied with what i am doing, or what i am having now. the uas things also gives me a lot pressure. but, that's all right. that's the consequence of being student in STAN. every lecture class and examinations are really important. you cant be really free.

accounting is the next thing that i have to worry. i should not study alone. well, tomorrow i should catch some friends to study with. yes, my friend was right, its better to study in a group. but, can i really do that?  i always believe i can do the study by myself. i trust my competence. but, perhaps i cant really do that this way anymore. i need some discuss.

for some reasons, i think of moving to another place. i like living in pondok jaya. but, i want to try living in another neighborhood. i am a little bit confused. i also worry. will i like the new place?

then, i almost reach the end. i will go home soon. soon.


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