The Last Times / Let it Slide

I am reaching the end. I am going to home soon. My father is going to Jakarta today for a meeting. He is going to fly this early morning. I want him to visit me here in Bintaro, but he will go back to Makassar at night in the same day. But, that’s all right, I will meet him soon when he and my mother and my brother pick me up in airport next Saturday morning.

All right. I am sad about several things. They have been spinning in my head for about several days, but that’s all right. everything’s going to be all right. let it slide. I am doing good with Ramadan. I am doing the fasting welll and I have not missed any tarawih pray in the night in the mosque of Ponjay, Uswatun Hasanah. That’s good. Today is the last day of UAS. Ah, finally. It is good :)


“flying in the speed of light, thoughts were spinning in my head, so many things left unsaid”