Last day, we had Lebaran day. Having done the Idul Fitri prayer, I and my family went to our grandparents’ house in Pelita. We visited Nenek, Abah, Om and Tante Jaya, and my cousins, Aufi and Pulki. We had many food. There were opor ayam, manu nasu likkua, burasa, ketupat, and other delicious food. Then, we all went to our family house in Maros. The car was full of this famlily. I had coto makassar there! My stomach was very full. We back to my house in the afternoon. In the evening, after magrib, Aldy and Ulla visited me in the house. Then, we three went out for dinner and ice ream. I was happy that we could celebrate the Idul fitri. I actually feel regret about the leaving of Ramadan month. But, that’s all right. Lebaran is a time to face the new day of 1 Syawal and to gather with family and friends. I enjoyed it a lot.

Well, I promise to do all the things in my life better starts from 1 Syawal. Insya Allah.


Me! I look as happy as my heart. Haha


My brothers, Aldy and Abrar. My parents. Me