Great Times

I have many things to share here. I had great times during my holiday, should have posted the details here. I gathered with my family – having lots of delight time, met my friends – it was so fun to be. Having returned to Jakarta, I ended my holiday by attending a music concert. Great times!


DSC00020with my family and eventually going to akkarena beach again, with my family, of course.

 DSC05701 DSC_0136

DSC_0110   DSC05664

schoolmates gathering

AAIBH (67) AAIBH (54)

playing around the town with IMAMmates

384662240in kak Ahlul’s room a.k.a Masjid Al-Amri, one of best places to hangout

Copy of Entah kami sedang apa 

picture of me, fitt, and kak ahlul. i look funny.

 DSC00162 DSC00166

taking a walk in makassar’s municipals spot with Wanda, Aulia, and Ical in a sunny bright day 

DSC00665DSC00657DSC00674 attending linkin park’s spectacular concert with zakris and mas ryan