A Little Report


My new place is convenient.  It is good to be here, a house I and three friends rented. I have got a spacious room here. It’s got a window that showers all the corners with light from outside. The water is good. The environment is quiet enough. We have got a a small TV in our living room. We set a wireless internet connection to make the house more convenient. The guest room functions as a spare room to keep our shoes, baggage, Cahya’s bicycle, and unused bed. We spread two carpets in the living room, next to a three small tables on which we put the water dispenser, glasses, coffee pot, sugar pot, tea box, medicine, etc. It makes the living room become the lounge to get relax and amused.

My new class is good. It is better than I expected. The classmates are kind. The lectures are good. Some of them likes to make us play game during the their teaching time. One lecture even told us it is okay to sleep in the class. Some likes to tell us jokes. One of the lectures will not stop explaining about tax until we convince them that we already understand. It is good to have pleasant new classmates and lecturers. We will stay work, study, and cooperate at least until we finish this third semester safely.