Sometimes in the rush of your daily life, you stop for a while and think, seriously. I do it very often. I am thinking about myself. It is sad that the thing I realize is that I, perhaps, have taken a big wrong decision. Sometimes, I conclude  that I don't belong here.

Last semester, my principle accounting lecturer gave me a standard score for the subject which is below the average of most students get. I know I am not good enough at accounting. I don’t understand it very well.  I am not stupid, it is just hard for me to deal with accounting. Very often, I think I have taken wrong major.

I envy students of Universities. Many of the students are very active, dynamic, experts on their study field, and get many achievements. My campus is owned by Ministry of Finance. Students in my campus are educated to become ready-to-work employee in Ministry of Finance offices. There are not many options for me here to do beside studying. I admit that during my study in STAN, I don’t develop myself well. I tend to be stagnant.

Perhaps, I should not be here. I wrote this and for the first time, I hope what I wrote is wrong. In many points of view, I am clearly wrong about this.