Taking my Time

I am not sure what is happening to me. I have skipped three classes this week. Last week, I skipped one class. Totally, I have skipped four classes of lectures. It is so hard to me to get up and walk to the classes. I understand what I am doing. It is a bit dangerous. Attending classes are really crucial because when students in my college have skipped three times for a subject, they are not allowed to go the midsemester test or final semester test. Being not allowed to do the tests means that you are expelled from the college. Well, I don't want such thing happen to me.

My status as student of this college is so precious to me. It is hard to get into this college. It is highly competitive. I feel guilty that I have skipped four classes already. I did it because I need to refresh my mind. I need to get relax. I need to find more motivations to go to the class.

While I am writing this post, many things are happening. My classmates of 2E are attending Pak Margono’s Intermediate Accounting class. Thoughts in my mind are being tamed, well I wish so. I feel so guilty. But, this skipping the class is essentials to me to rebuild my motivation of studying.  I am going to attend all the classes, starting next week.