In the middle of midterm


It is a rainy day.  The sky was silver grey. The ground was drenched. The air was cold.  Having finished my business in campus, I ran in the shower of drizzles to get to my rented house.

Indonesia got two seasons, dry and rain. I like both. But, I will prefer rainy days for the peaceful feeling it brings. My friend told me he likes afternoon rain because it reminds him of his favourite school football matches in which he played.

It’s a peaceful day.  I wish everyone a good day.


I am now in third semester of my academic program. I will have to finish six semesters before graduating from my college. I am currently facing my midterm examinations. The examination will be held in 7 days.

I and my classmate got room I309 for this event. The examination started last day. It was macroeconomics. I had finished both macroeconomics and taxation examination already. The following is my schedule for the exam.

Macroeconomics Monday, Nov. 21  
Taxation I Tuesday, Nov. 22  
Accounting Information System Wednesday, Nov. 23  
Intermediate Accounting Thursday, Nov. 24  
Laboratory Intermediate Accounting Friday, Nov. 25  
Governmental Accounting Monday, Nov. 28  
Cost Accounting Tuesday, Nov. 29  

The Examination so far is not too bad. The first subject, macroeconomics, was quite difficult. I could not answer the problems of that examination well. I am really sorry for that. However, I am still optimistic to get good final score for macroeconomics this semester :)

This morning I had the taxation I. It was not too bad. Many of things I learned were included in the tests.  I, Cahya, Zakris, Iman, and Ardi studied together last night and we barely slept at 4 AM this morning! But, it is quite worth in the exam. Studying in such way is tiring. It is like, sleeping and daydreaming in the classrooms for eight weeks and catch all the matters of the lecture in only one night. It is horribly bad studying style. I want to change it. Oh yes, I would change it, starting after midterm!


I am actually not ready in all subjects. I am afraid of getting expelled from my college. I have to get adequate grade point to pass this term. I am required to get at least 2,4 of grade point and not to get any D point at accounting classes. I have to do my best. I have to study as hard as I can for this examination. And, I am looking forward to fixing my bad habits and to becoming one of active students in my class. I am looking forward to spending more time practicing my accounting skills and to managing my time better . Looking forward to facing the new academic weeks after midterm test and then to be a good student.

All right. Insya Allah.

Was Salam! :)