my current life. i usually sleep at 2 or 3 AM. I got up hardly and catch my class. most of my class started at 10 PM or 11 PM. They are cost accounting, accounting information system, governmental accounting, and laboratorial intermediate accounting class. The morning classes are tax at 7.30 and macroeconomics. In the day on Friday, I attend intermediate accounting class at 1.20 PM.

I always late for all classes. It is a bad habit. I could hardly concentrate during the lecture time. Almost every time, I only sit and listen to my lecturers. Some time, not often, I take a note on the lecture matters.

It looks like I relapsed. In the previous academic year, I don't always late. I was so diligent at taking notes, write every important matters of my lecture. I also could understand the matters of lecture quiet easily. except, for the principle accounting subject. after all, my first year was smooth and under control.

i really need to adjust my self to the current academic year. the subjects are less easy. many says, it is hard. but, hard is inappropriate word. we can say so if we tried to do it but failed many times. that is hard. i never tried my best at this current term. i just do it with minimum effort, because i am not so diligent right now. i have problems with time management and needed a bit more motivation to study harder. i lack of sleep. i wasted many times for less useful things.

it is good to live in this house. it is a best place to take rest after attending college. i have many books in my room. my housefriends also have many books. good books to enrichen knowledge. i wanna spend more time reading book in the house, but found it a bit hard. i am easily distracted by another media. I should control my time to do more beneficial things.

i have weekly mentoring meeting. it is time to refresh my mind religious matters, wisdom, and personal development. it is a time to recite al-Quran with my mentoring group and discuss about many things, or listen to my mentor short lecture. it always good to gather up like that. i am grateful to join my mentoring group. I personally thank Mas Sadimin for all the lessons and my bestfriend who have invited me to join the mentoring group several months ago, and for all my mentoring mates.

life is good. but, i could make it better. I will :)