Meeting Aya

I met Aya. She just came from Makassar. She arrived here last day. She comes to Bintaro to report herself in STAN secretariat. Last academic year, she had to take a break because she got vertigo. She is going back to college. But, she is not going to study in STAN Bintaro. Happily, she will study in Makassar. She will continue her one-year tax diploma education there. Alhamdulillah :)

In the afternoon, I contacted Helmi, Abe,  Fita, and Bimo to get together with Aya. We met up in Ponjay and we dined in a close eatery. It was delight. Aya is a good friend of mine. She is a happy girl and she can make everyone around her happy too, like smile or laugh.

She wears hijab now. She said this time it will be forever. Good :)

All right, she is going back to Makassar next day and I would not have a chance to met her once again. But, from over the sea, I always wish she is doing great! :)