Last day, I and some friends, like almost every night, stayed up in the night.  We were playing, wasting time badly. We did it until around 2 AM. We’re sleepy enough so we decided to sleep. Two of us have a class to attend that morning. I was one of them. I have Tax class at 7.30. I was asleep then. I had a dream. It was a bad one. It is related to my college passage announcement. I was in stake. I was scared. I suddenly got awake. I was still lying, recalling my dreams and was between the transition from dream to real world. I lied next to my two friends who were still sleeping. I spot the clock at it was almost 8 AM! I was late. 

I run to the bed room. I washed my face. I run to my room, changing my clothes. I put on my white shirt, long pant, and my brown shoes. I ran to my campus with panic feeling. It is not casual late. It was so dangerous. Dangerous! I have skipped Tax class once. If I skip that class again, I would be in stake. For some cases, I could be expelled by the authority of the college.

I walked fast. I headed to the class. But, I forgot the classroom! I checked my handphone. I found that I was out of pulse, I cant use it to contact my one of my classmates in the room. It makes me more panic.

I eventually found the classroom, still with scared feeling. I entered the room. I greeted the lecturer. He didn’t say anything and kept writing his explanation on the whiteboard to the class. I found a chair and sit.

Luckily, the lecturer has not done the ‘absen’ yet. It calmed my feeling. I listened him for half-hour before fall asleep. I slept in the classroom. The class felt so short that morning.

I am so grateful. My classmate told me that when I did not attend the class of Tax, two weeks ago, my first ‘skipping-the-class’. I was marked attended. So, I should not be so panic. Ah :) I am grateful. I am safe.