Thoughts of Midterm Examinations

I am having bone-fever symptoms. It always happens when I am so tired. But, this one is mild. But, I will recover. And, all I have to think about is my midterm examination.

I still have many times to get prepared for my midterm examination. I am lucky that I have all the supporting factors. My family, my friends, my lecturers, my classmates, and books. They would help me go trough this second academic year in my college safely.

Fear sometimes attack me. That I would not do it well.  I ever red. Fear is fake evidence appearing real. Yes, fear is. So why fear?

Now, it is getting closer and closer to the date of the UTS. I can face this. I can finish this well. I always make it. Insya Allah.

I know, I can change this all. I am changing to a better one. I know it’s hard. But, I can.

“Life is not a problem you should solve, it is a trip you should enjoy”