Afternoon In The Sky

DSC01102My father called me. My Mother is not okay, she has been in the hospital for several days. He asked me to go back to Makassar. The following night, I met Aldy, my older brother, in Jakarta's airport. Then, we headed to Makassar. We arrived home and my mother got better and better. The following day, we even went to the beach. It was raining and the waves are pretty hard. But, we kept swimming. I and Abrar likes to play with the waves.
  DSC01107 Aldy

Aldy went back to Jakarta earlier. He headed to Bandung. I thought I would spend my days in Makassar until the holiday of campus is over. But, I remember that I have to study for UAS. So, I back to Jakarta in rush. It started so terrible. I thought I had missed my flight. I ran to the boarding room. Actually the flight was late.
I spent the entire afternoon in the sky. It was beginning of new year. I got good feeling about that. I was happy to welcome the new days! During the flight, beside reading and watching the sky trough the window, I wrote my resolutions for this new year. There are a lot of them, but I humbly wish to be a calmer and more religious person.
 DSC01475 DSC01479