Jalan-jalan Sore


It was very happy for me to get together again with Aldy and Dita. The last time we met was last year and we met twice. We three were classmates in junior high school. We got along so well. Having graduated the junior high school, Dita moved to Depok with her parents. Now, we live in different cities.

Aldy had just arrived from Makassar. He is going to participate in one of his Djarum scholarship programmes. He’s got two days free before going to Lembang for the programs. During the two days, Aldy stayed in Bintaro, my place. In his first free day, I, Aldy, and Dita set a time to meet. We’re going to have a good time.

In the afternoon, I and Aldy arrived in Dita’s campus, Universitas Indonesia.  I am happy to be with Dita and Aldy. It was a good afternoon. We wandered around the campus.  We exchanged personal news and stories. Off course, I shared them about my college life that is a bit difficult nowadays. But, everything is fairly all right. We also had mie yamin FIB next to faculty of social and politic parking lot. We wished we could spend more time together. But, it’s already night, I and Aldy worried about the train schedule and Dita, so we decided to leave and go home. It’s just a short meeting. But, we’re lucky to have the chance to get together. I’m looking forward to having another good time with them again. Yes, It was fun.