Staying Cool

We got error score for Cost Accounting, seriously. It’s critical. We got to do our best performance in next final test. The final will be held in the earlier February. There are seven subjects. We need to succeed.

We have time. We study everyday. Every night, every time we just study. When we don't study, we think about studying. We make plans. We hold the text books tightly. We are going to hire a tutor to teach us Cost Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, and Tax. The tutor will first teach us this Sunday.

We need to fix our bedtime. We want to sleep earlier. We don't want to stay up in the night anymore. We will do everything to master all the subjects for final.

We are in tense. But, we are not losing our mind. We stay cool. We do the best we can. Insya Allah, we will transcend.

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For the sake of our future, we do and hope for the best.