Today’s quite tiring. I slept late last night so I was kind of not well-rested when I got up from my bed. I attended my tax accounting class at 11 AM and continued to Intermediate accounting class at 2 PM. The class ended at 4.30.

This is the first week of the fourth term. We should have had seven classes. But, only 5 lecturer did come to teach us. Last day, we had Bu Okta. Bu Okta is vicious. She fired our class chairman in the first minutes of her coming to our class. Wahyu replaced Aldy as the chairman, but only for Bu Okta’s class, Governmental Accounting II. She is fierce. We had heard about her long before she came to our class. She would say what ever she wants to and use her authority to intimidate the students. But, she is nice too. She gave us good advices and her presentation about governmental accounting is very clear.

Honestly, I think my class chairman needs to be more proactive. He needs to rearrange our classes. In Monday and Friday we only have one class. It is the best choice to move the Friday class, financial management, to Monday. So, we would only have classes on Monday to Thursday. We can use the three days to exercise the material of lecture and for leisure activity or organization activity. He also needs to do more communication to the lecturer, he needs to get along with the lecturers to optimally do his job. He needs to be more persuasive to the lecturers to help on our interests. I will tell him about these.

I have not bought any handbook. But, I get five books from campus library. I also need a note book. This week, I want to complete my handbooks. I need to get all class handbook. I also need to make my study schedule. It will guide me on studying and mastering the lecture materials.

I always try to sleep earlier. But, I mostly sleep at 12 in the night. I also take sleeping pill. It increases the quality of my sleep. It really helps me on resting. I am sure if i get enough rest in the night, I will be more productive in the next day. Hmm, I need to work more on it.