Last Holiday in Bandung

I went away to Bandung by a train with Hijrah and Gio. We met Munir and start the city tour. It was pleasant day ended up in my corner. In the following day, I had another good time with Zakris, Dio, Syena, and Eben. In Bandung, I stayed in my brother’s place, in Asrama Lontara. I stayed in the city for three days before flying to Makassar.

 Copy of DSC09899 The RailDSC09904

DSC09898DSC09906   404540_3063805408521_1665078382_2598273_1905167043_nDSC09923

In Institut Teknologi Bandung campus. Munir’s campus.

DSC09956DSC09960 DSC09966 

In the Sam’s Strawberry Corner, Dago Bandung

DSC09982 DSC00002 DSC00006 DSC00011 DSC00012 DSC00023 DSC00024 DSC00037   DSC00081 DSC00094   In Trans Studio theme park