Meeting the StudentsxCEOS team!

I met the team. Finally, after the selection, we gathered up as a team. We are StudentsxCEOs Jakarta Chapter team. We will work together :)


DSC00496     the meeting in meeting room, elite club, epicentrum


signing up the vision

There are many inspirations I got from our first meeting. We talked about our organization. From the first time, Kak Iqbal, the founder of StudentsxCEOs has said to us that we’re a society. We will grow together and support each members of our society for success. I really believe so, and I can see that from the members of Jakarta Chapter team. We are supported by competent seniors and our team is made up from competent and experienced students.

The meeting was the first meeting of the team. It was held from 4 PM and ended up at 6.20 PM. We talked about the body of the organization. We chose and vote for the Project Director. The chosen one was Gio. She will be our project director for a year ahead. The vice chosen was Recca. He will accompanied Gio as the PD and also handle the Project 1. While, the Project 2  will be handled by Verdi or Deve.

We are divided into three teams: operation, finance, and marketing. I chose to be in the marketing team. My goal is to share the knowledge we got from the our internal activities to the society, especially the students. I also want to share the events for students thru media. The marketing team are consisted of four students: me, Ipul, Fuji and Nia. The marketing team director is Ipul from President University. He is very creative and believed to handle the team. We will work on social media sharing, media partnering, and public relations functions. In Finance team, there are mba Vika as the director. She will work with other team members, kak Fajar, Ezar and Nuriy. While, in the operation team, there are Widya, as the director, Gandra, Gilang, Sanra, and Indra. We’re a team, even we’re divided in to specialized jobs, but we will work together.

We also talked about our projects. We have two big projects. The first one is our expansion to nation and even to international scale. The second is business and fundraising that will support our programs funding and enrich our experiences on finance and business.

We closed the meeting by signing up the vision paper. It is a black paper. Gio wrote our vision using white marker. We signed in and wrote our name one by one. Our vision is “Preparing Indonesian top-tier students to become future business leaders”.

I got so many inspirations to day. I have to work harder. I have to be more productive and develop my self. The team will help me on it. We will have our first training on March 31st. I also got many information on students community or organizations, networking, and career. It’s really good.

All right :) I hope I can do my best for StudentsxCEOs.

The Operation Team: Ganra, Sanra, Indra, Widy, and Gilang


The Finance Team: Nuriy, Vika, Fajar, and Ezar


The Marketing Team: Ipul, Fuji, and Me. Nia couldn't join the meeting because she had another thing to take care of.


The Vice Director (Recca), The Project Director (Gio), and the Project 2 Director (Verdi).


Our Vision Paper! :)


The Jakarta Chapter team! DSC00529