What happened these days

On Friday, along with StudentsxCEOs, I met Mr. Julianto. He is the country manager of Accenture Indonesia. The meeting was held in Wisma BNI 46, Sudirman. It was great! I got new knowledge and insight on business, management, especially of the Accenture.  I also had a chance to get to know more about consulting company like the Accenture. I get much inspired by Mr. Julianto. He also shared us what is leadership for him. It was a valuable meeting.


I have not finished my resume for StudentsxCEOs Jakarta on the meeting. I am still working on it. There are so many things to tell about the meeting, I am compiling all of them to the resume. When the resume is finished, I will share it to my team and other interested students in social media.

Having arrived at my rented house, I keep my eye to my notebook. The StudentsxCEOs had virtual meeting on yahoo! messenger. We talked about our provision topics next Sunday, our first Pleno meeting, our first CEO meeting, our plan to go to Bandung, our fundraising, and our photo taking session.

I was a bit tired that Friday. I also skipped my financial management class. Haha. But, It’s all right. I was satisfied by what I had had that day! On Saturday, I slept all the day. Zakris stayed at Abul’s board in Pondok Jaya that friday night. When he came back, he found me sleeping. He participated in a accounting seminar in STAN campus, and still found me sleeping when he got back. I slept so soundly. I got up by afternoon. Haha.


On Saturday night, I, Nissan and Zakris worked on our greeting papers to Chester and Joe Hahn, Linkin Park’s personnel. They will have a birthday, so we prepared our birthday greeting for them. we took a carton paper and wrote colourful messages on it. We worked them for three hours. It was fun because we were working something about our favourite band and while working on it we listen to linkin park songs and talked about the band. Hmm, All right. Haha

In the following morning, I went to epicentrum, in elite club. The StudentsxCEOs had a meeting. We got provisions from kak Iqbal. He shared to us the history, the purpose, the programs, etc. of StudentsxCEOs. Then, in the next session, he taught us about management (time, solving skill, etc). It was very valuable. I personally thank kak Iqbal for the knowledge he shared to us. The provision meeting was started at 8 AM and ended in before 12 AM.

On Monday, the public finance by pak Mangasang was rather boring. He spoke too slowly. Hahaha. It felt so long in his class. That morning, I had my hair cut. I am bald now. Haha. It feels fresher and tidier. In the night, I studied finance management. I continued to coffee shop in the midnight, had a talk with my best friend. There was also Rian there. He took us to our rented house at 2 in the morning. Then, I slept, resting, because I had full lecture schedule in the following day.

All right!



Mr. Julianto on The Accenture Homepage - Here