Life, these days

Hello, how are you? How was your dinner? How was your day, and your life? I hope even in the most terribly day, you’ve still have peace in your heart and mind. Like, I do.

Recently, I was appointed as the person in charge for an awareness event of StudentsxCEOs in the @america, Pacific Place, South Jakarta. It will be on next May 31. We aim to introduce StudentsxCEOs to more students. It also the part of making impact, which is the goal of StudentsxCEOs, which is to share the insight of business to the students in Indonesia.

We are going to invite some business leaders. We also invite organization and students from Jakarta Raya to attend this event. The discuss will be great. We will be discussing the potential of Indonesian Students to become future business leaders. I hope everyone who comes will be much inspired!

My classes are going well. I am going to face my midterm in the early of May. I hope I can be well prepared before the test and succeed the test well. I recently have attended extra class which held by STAN students. They gave a brief course on some subjects. It’s really good.

I have met my father twice, in my dream. He looks happy and good. Right after I got the dream, I called him, and told him my dream. It’s a strange dream, because my father was going to teach me Sundanese in the dream. He also saw me off when I went somewhere with my motorcycle. The next dream, It’s also absurd. But, It’s good to meet him in the dream. I hope he met me in the dream too.

I also met my friend, Zakris, in another dream. It’s strange. I hid his hat when he was in a fight with my brother. He seemed to know that I hid it. I went to a bathroom and threw his hat through a water hole. The hat was taken by water to a river where some kids found it. I and Zakris were there when the hat was found. He were so happy to get his hat again. I was relieved that the hat was found, that he was happy, and that he did not know I took the hat and hid it.

I met Hijrah last Sunday. We had lunch in Pasar Festival. We exchanged news. I was happy to meet her again. We have not met for about two months, I guess. We lack of communication since early of march. We talked for hours and decide to finish it because I think she needed to go back to her place to study. She is having midterm now. There’s a thing I really want to tell her. But, I don't have the guts to do so. So, I save it for next chances. Hmm, All right.

Me,And AbrarTwo Little kids in BlissAbrar, and Me

Abrar, my younger brother, has finished his national examination. I called him after the examination finished. He told me that his examination was well. He pretty optimistic that he could pass it. I am happy for that. He is facing a new challenge: university admission test. It will be very competitive. I urge him to study harder and to get focus. Insya Allah, if he passes the test, he will get into Universitas Hasanuddin, Faculty of Technology. Amin.

As I am here, and Aldy in Bandung, we have been in an understanding, that Abrar should continue his study in Makassar. It will be better if he stays there. At least for his undergraduate study. Because, two kids already left the home for study. The rest one should stay and take care of our parents. That’s my brother, Abrar. He will be another pride for the Junaibs.

All right. Let’s take a rest. Set Tohpati in your playlist, and have sound sleep! Good night, everyone.
Was Salam.