Dear Sam,

Happy Birthday. You are now 21 year old. You’re beginning a new life. We’re sorry to leave you troubles. We supposed that in such age you are able to solve all the problems. We’re pleased to say that we’ve successfully made significant life achievements. First is to have good and intact family. Then, two have many friends around. Your position as student in a good college, and your new amazing organization. Your Islamic knowledge is the best thing that can lead you to better life, your true life guide.

We hope that you will fill your role as a family, as a friend, as a Muslim, as a member of organizations. It’s your responsibility to fill the role chosen.  Don't run away. Never runaway. We really understand that your social life is kind of painful now. But, you will make it better. We’re sure.

Never ever, lose any friend. Never ever, run from God. Never and ever ignore your class. Don’t cry. Sometimes life is painful, but as we’re in search of meaning of this life, happiness is not the goal. It’s a side-effect.  Stay calm. Your duty is to best use your potential as it’s a gift from Allah, and you’ll be asked what you did do with such potential. You’re good.

We’re your past friends. We left you good memories and knowledge. It’s all in your brain, in your heart, your blog, your picture folders, your notebook, your cases, your walls, m-anywhere. We really want to forget the bad ones, but it just hard. They’re lessons anyway. Take the good ones. You’ll learn.

By the way, we should remind you that things change  fast. Contrarily, it’s hard to change ourselves. But, you can do it! Wohooo!

Please, we beg you to change the way you think, and how you behave. Use your time for good things. Make impacts to people surround you! You got everything to do it.

Okay, Sam. It’s your turn now, to continue this life. We don't know how many years, or days left. Make the best of everything. Insya Allah, you’ll understand.



In Bintaro, In your past time.

p.s.: Don't look back.