I need some solitude

I have finished three exams already. Governmental Accounting II, Taxation II, and Finance Management. It’s not good. But, I am satisfied. I got some problems here. first, there is conflict with my academic and my organisation. I can’t focus to my examination, to my study, because I have to handle my work in my organisation. Thanks to my manager in marketing, Ipul, for understanding my situation. But, team, I really need your back up right now. Let's be a real super team

By the way, I really hate my mobile phone. Because, many times, it’s really disturbing. All of those messages come from many people, with many interest, demand me to work, do something, finish that one, and so on, while I am still making up my mind, and digesting what happens to me. I can’t digest the information and making decison fast. Sometimes, the flowing  information and task exceed my ability to think and act. Talking face to face is better at the moment. Sometimes, I feel like want to throw my mobile phone away. But, throwing and ignoring message is unwise. It's irresponsible.

No one really likes constant complains. Especially from me. So, I will just write it down here. For now, I won’t share it to my best friend, Zakris, or to Hijrah. Because, my complains, my problems, are just boring.

The best places to hang out is now Andita's place. He is really good in keeping his shalat. I like to follow his morning activity, shalat jamaah in Ponjay's Uswatun Hasanah mosque. It's the best mosque. I can always do the prayer khusyuly there.

I have been riding my motorcycle to some places in Jakarta for StudentsxCEOs meeting for several times. I could not understand the complicated streets. I always get lost when going back to Bintaro. And, It's usually take two hours or more.

All right, here are the good things. Last weekend, I was in Bandung for one meeting of StudentsxCEOs. It’s the meeting of StudentsxCEOs Bandung and Jakarta. It’s great.

In Bandung, I slept over at my brother's place. I found that he is not good. He had vertigo sometimes and most of the time, he stays on the bed. But, we spent a good morning, going some places in Bandung, before I went back to Bintaro.
this is Him, and his funny look.

And, last Monday, I, the StudentsxCEOs team, and some invited students had a discussion with Mr. John Riady in his office. Mr. John is the director of Berita Satu Media Holdings.

The saddest news is that my grandfather, Abah, has died. Everyone in the family is sad. He passed away peacefully in a morning in my house. I have not talked to my grandmother, but I really hope she’s all right. Amin. Allahuakbar.

I wish everything will be all right soon. I wish my brother in Bandung gets better soon. I wish I could succeed my exam. Amin ya Rabb.

That morning, my brother, Abrar, texted me, and he seems so sad. It’s because Abah has gone.