Here are some score I got from my previous examination, mid-semester. Governmental Accounting: 60.5, Intermediate Accounting: 61, and Financial Management: 70. The other subjects’ result has not been published. These scores are not high but it’s okay. I was very busy. It was difficult for me to balance both my academic activity and organization activity, StudentsxCEOs. I learn a lot this semester. It is very valuable. It is true that challenge can upgrade ourselves. I just regret that at the moment I am kind of losing my calm. Oh, it’s gone anyway. Now, It’s my time to focus to my final examination.

The schedule for final has not been published. It will be held from July 16 to 25 July 2012.

Sometimes, I got so mad by the lecturer schedule and the academic pressure. The subjects needs careful study while I got busy with non-academic activity like organization or just for hangout with my friends. I know I was wrong. I did not prioritize my time for studying. I did not carefully read my books. I like to stay up in the night, sleep in the morning, and catch the have class up in next hours. Sometimes, I sleep in the class. I know it is all wrong, but it was a difficult time. I really understand what I have to do. I am responsible for academic and for my life. So, this is what I am doing until the final is over, studying carefully. Studios.

Even if my scores are low, it does not mean I did not get anything from the class. I learn a lot here. I know a lot of things about finance, accounting, law, and taxation. I am grateful. This will help me a lot in my future career.

Wish me luck with my final!

SONY DSC  I and my classmates, and our Governmental Accounting lecturer, Mrs. Okta

It is now the last with my classmates. After this, we’re going to different class. They are the best classmates! Banner 2By the way, I got accepted in Students Council or BEM. I submitted my application and had my interview few weeks ago, and finally joined the Social Department of BEM Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara. I am proud to be part of BEM and especially Social Department. I am really interested in social works or community service so I picked the department instead of other departments. I am looking forward to start our projects!