Classmates of Pedes

I am so grateful to have them as my classmates. Our class life has been very colourful. We did many things together. We studied together in the class. We share knowledge. We share a lot of things.  We had two amazing vacations, to Anyer and Ciwidey. We got first prize in a futsal competition and movie competition. We’re doing it great. Now, the class has ended as we are facing our final. It is a little bit sad, because we are going to different class next semester. I thank my classmates for the wonderful days we have gone trough. I hope we all can get our dreams and become somebody in the future. I wish you all successful life.
Pedes 2E Akuntansi STAN
It’s been almost two years I am here studying in STAN. I learned finance, law, taxation, accounting…I have got many knowledge from this school, knowledge to action, like The Wharton principal. In the first semester, I was still attached to my previous education institution in Depok. I wanted to return back there because I did not feel fit with my major. It seemed that accounting is against my passions. It’s a long story when I began to fit with accounting. I discovered that I can get good career start from learning accounting and finance right from the Ministry of Finance. I believe this is the best thing for me. It is the best thing. I am grateful. In September 2013, I will graduate from this school. Insya Allah, Here everything starts.