Holiday Notes

Freedom - by Nur Hijrah Ahmadi

Right now, I am in front of my house, with my and a friend of mine with whom I used to play when I was little innocence kid. We used to spend most of the afternoon playing kids games. Toro y Moi is being played in my iTunes player. What crossed in my mind and had been in my mind for several days since I arrived here that I am missing the closest people in my life. I miss my classmates, my best friends, and her. I also miss my daily activities in the campus. This sentimental feeling brought me to meanings.

Several days ago, I spent a beautiful afternoon with the most beautiful girl in the world. It was in Tanjung Bunga beach. We sat on a wooden chair right on the calm sand. It was a very peaceful  afternoon. The sun showed up in the west sky. The sea water reflected the beautiful colour. The horizons perfectly seen beautiful. The ships of the fishermen drew a beautiful outlines as they were heading to the harbour. The waves kindly made a monotonous calming sound. What an afternoon. The sun gradually faded, and we had the fast breaking. It’s beautiful.