A Good Productive Day

Poster Buku Depsos

I made this poster for an incidental program of Depsos BEM STAN. We are working on a book donation program for students who face financial challenges to get academic handbooks. I hope we can provide many books for many students in our campus. We expect to get from our seniors who don’t use their books anymore. I like how the poster looks. It’s going to be printed, pasted in strategic campus spots.

I like what I did today. It’s a productive day. I attended two classes, the computer-based auditing and nusantara culture. I finished my audit assignment and sent it to my lecturer punctually. I also paid a mandatory keeping/picket in BEM’s base in D building. I paid a visit for Hijrah. In the end of the day, I finished the poster for Depsos.

My classmates also hanged out in my room today. Eka, Andre, Hafidz, and Dimas came to have lunch and do some work for the first assignment from Pak David, our computer-based auditing.

I met Hijrah today. We had some conversations in a eatery in Pasar Festival, Rasuna Epicentrum, Kuningan. On the way to Kuningan, I bought a bunch of yellow flowers. I gave it to Hijrah :) I am glad she likes the flower. She said she was going to buy a vase where she can put the flowers and keep them fresh. I hope it can cheer up Hijrah’s days. It’s got bright colour, just like, I hope, her days and everyday’s achievement. She also got busy with her BEM activities in her campus, Universitas Bakrie. It’s funny because she asked me why I gave her flowers. I could say anything. I am shy. You know, there’s things that you can’t easily express or say. But, something like flowers do have an obvious meaning.

Our culture lecturer, Pak Mulyadi, taught us the fundamental of culture. It’s really interesting. He also gave an explanation about religions such as Buddha, Hindu, Islam, etc. I just knew that in Buddha, it is forbidden to sleep in a comfortable place. But, I got many lessons and new comprehension about Buddha. He also made me understand that there is cultural issue behind Papua’s slow development. This class is really interesting. I hope to get more knowledge and comprehension from this class.

Last day, I met my mentoring mate, Chandra. We had some chats. We shared news. We also discuss about the mentoring. He wish I could join back to the mentoring routine. For me, all my friends in the mentoring (Gilang, Catur, Brian, Sunoto, Dio, Zakris, and Zenik) are my brothers. We are all Muslim and we shared good things in the mentoring. It was a difficult decision for me to quit from the mentoring because I had emotional bond with them. I don’t want to cut the silaturahmi or bond among us. Yes, it’s not cut anyway. As I have moved to Ponjay, where we all live, except Zenik, I meet them quite often in the mosque and in the streets. Maybe, someday, we will gather again and recite Al-Qur’an.

Have a great day everybody. Remember to keep calm and keep productive!