Back to Bintaro

It’s my first week in Bintaro after leaving Makassar few days ago. It was sad to leave my parents and family again. But, I must leave to continue my education. I am happy that I could pas to this final two semester in my college, STAN. I went to Jakarta with my brother, Aldy. He continued his itinerary to Bandung, while I got my xtrans shuttle bus to Bintaro with excitement to face the new semester.

My brother is now a college student too. He is a civil engineering student in Politeknik Negeri Ujung Pandang. It’s a three year diploma program, just like my education. He follows my father education, who was also majoring civil engineering in Universitas Hasanuddin. We expect him to continue my father’s company, Mutiara Prima Consultant. Best wishes for my brother, Abrar.

I have moved to a new place. I moved back to Pondok Jaya. I got a good room, with air conditioner machine. I brought all my stuff from Kalimongso to Ponjay. I thanked Cahya, Andita, Danan, and a pick-up truck driver who helped me moving to my new room in Keramik street.

Zakris also moved to Ponjay. He is now having a new living house in Pasir street, also in Ponjay. Andita wanted to move to, but he hasn’t found the right place, so he stays in Ponjay, in Nako street, nearby the Ponjay ’s Uswah Mosque. So, my two bestfriends live close to me, and I can reach them easily for some light chats or just hangout.

The Social Department as well as BEM STAN is busy preparing the program for a year ahead. Last day, I attended the program meeting. There are many departments, biro, and other boards under BEM that day who presented their program. The Social Department or Depsos got so many programs. Today, I just had a meeting with my team from Depsos. This time we made it more comfortable, because we talked about our program while having dinner in a good restaurant in the nearest mall around Bintaro.

I think I should manage my time better. I will have more an more meeting. I need Andre, my minister, to arrange the meeting more effective and in a fixed time so I can handle my academic assignments and study, and arrange my tasks from StudentsxCEOs. I really need to make a good time line based from my academic and organization activities. I need to get my passport soon, because StudentsxCEOs are going to Singapore next December for international episode of CEO meeting. I am going to apply for the passport next month because I have so many expenses this month. I haven’t talked about my Indonesia MUN conference fee to my parents. I will ask them if they can send me some money for this conference. I have ordered a business jacket for this event.

Before returning to Jakarta, I and Kak Ahlul met Kak Asni. We visited her house and had some chats. Kak Asni is now working as a notaris in Gowa. As she is now a single parent, she works for her two children. Alhamdulillah, she’s doing fine. I always learn from AFSers. I have contacted Fitt about the volunteering activities in AFS Jakarta Chapter. Fitt will contact me again about an upcoming program in Jakarta chapter. I want to back to AFS.

Hijrah has been helping me to get up for Subuh prayer for two days. She called me every 5 AM. Thanks to her. Now, I can do my morning prayers routinely. I hope this situation will last forever. I am now 21 years old and should put my religious activities above all the worldly activities. We are arranging a meeting next monday. I am going to visit her at her boarding room in Kuningan, Menteng Atas, Jakarta.

I always hope my family can live in health and peace. I am faraway from them. I know everything is all right. So, I hope this situation and peaceful days last forever.

I have skipped 3 classes already because I was too sleepy. My room is cool and very comfortable to sleep in, that’s why I got a bit lazy to go out for the classes. But, I am going to attend the class again tomorrow. I should put this on my priority. I also need to get to know my new classmates, so I better talk to my new classmates more often.

Oh yeah, one big lesson from my last holiday is to be patient. In every situation, I must keep calm and be patient. So many people today are facing stress and become less happy. I just want to live in peace and harmony with people around me, so I decided to back to my nature, calm and patient in every situation.

Thanks to Allah SWT for every day I have. Everyday is a lesson. Everyday is a berkah. Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin. Have a good day!

In my new room,

Sam Wahyudi Junaib