Cheer up!

Hello, World :)

I had busy days with BEM schedules and some activities with my friends. BEM is currently working on its initial activities. We had a working meeting to discuss our programs. Each department and biros presented their programs. We got so many programs. It’s all good for students. It’s dedicated to make the students in our campus get developed. We encourage all students to get involved with our program and collaborate to make the best of our campus.

One day ago, I attended a special meeting of class chairmen and the secretariat of STAN. The secretariat of STAN presented their new policy. They put more attention to students’ presence in the class. The head of accounting specialization said that our class (the class of 2010 of accounting) is really special. We are the last class. there is no intake for new students this year and last year. They want to implement a tight supervision to make sure that each of us will pass next year and ready for our job placement in Ministry of Finance and other associated institution such as BPK and BPPK.

I actually have skipped three classes. I got too sleepy so I decided to skip some classes to have more bed times. It is a bad decision since the secretariat will send a letter to student's parents for missing classes. More skipping in the class will make me invited to come to explain directly to the secretariat on why i did not attend the class. Well, I will make sure I will be ready to attend the class.

In this fifth semester and my last education year in STAN, I got seven subjects. They are advanced accounting, auditing for commercial sector, auditing practices, state financial administration, PNS ethics, and governmental accounting III. The special one is Budaya Nusantara or Indonesian Culture! Wow! Hahaha. I am really interested in it as well as the auditing class as I want to enhance my career in the future in public accountant firms.

Sometimes, I got bored with my routines. But, that’s all right. It’s a cycle. I can always have a good time with my friends. Last day, I and some friends from Pedes got a treat from Devi and Aldy who had their birthday. We hangout in a steak restaurant. Delicious. I went to Andita’s place several times for some light chats. A breakfast with my best friend, Zakris, could also help me on cheering up my self. I cant wait to meet Hijrah next Tuesday.  You know, when you just bored and feel like the routines has made you losing your mind, spending time with your close ones can help maintain the good mood. Ah, I miss my family and my hometown in Makassar. I wish to have a chance to back to Makassar soon, perhaps this end of year. My parents and my brother, Abrar, are planning to come here, by the way.

I am helping Kak Archie with the StudentsxCEOs journal draft. I do the editing of the journal. I correct the writings and words based on the EYD rules. StudentsxCEOs is working on a book. We are going to publish a book! Wish us luck on that. Ipul invited me to join the special team for the book project. I am going to call him ( I need to call my family in Balikpapan and Kak Ujha too).

Fitt asked me a help to help her on inviting some debating adjudicators for OIMUI debate competition. I am working on it. I also offer my self to be the debating adjudicator for the event on the 5th and 9th of October, which is next month.

I am going to have BEM leadership training today with other BEM members. It will take all my Sunday time, but that’s all right. I have taken the job so I have to be responsible to do the best for BEM. I am getting out of my comfort zone to grow.

I am listening to The Radio Dept, Haruka Nakamura, and Toro y Moi lately. They’re really good. I got some special impression with the Radio Dept song, This Past Week. It somehow matches with my feeling and days, matches with my past week. I avoid to make sense of chaotic feeling of the song. But, it’s really avoidable. you know it’s life cycle. Sometimes, your days are just monotonous. But, don’t be sad. The family, friends, and of course, God, are always beside us. I am blessed. Here is the poetic lyric of The Radio Dept song of This Past Week.

“This past week has been a strange one
Lazy, new and good and bad
Feelings come and go and change and
Ac/dc, good and bad and sad

Move to a bigger city
Leave home and face the pity
I’d rather stay in bed
Knowing that it won’t be pretty

I’ve wasted a year or so
I lost my will some time ago
Frustration comes when friends succeed in doing things
But then again that’s me

I want to be a good friend
I want to find my best friend
Someone who wants to stay
Someone who doesn’t go away”

No matter how hard days can be, cheer up, Everyone! :)


Cheer up! Hahaha