BEM STAN Leadership Training

The leadership training of BEM was really fun. It started at 7 AM. I have not got enough sleep when getting up from my bed. But, that’s all right, because this event is really important. The room of the training was in D305, which then I know that’s the building of D in STAN is an historic one for the Indonesia’s reformation in 1998.

I joined the Kompas team. It consists of six students from various departments and biros of BEM. They’re really friendly. I am in the same team with another social department staff, Dhini. I made friend with Lukas, Danang, Riza, Erlita, and Kak Ismet. That’s the Kompas team.

During the training, we got three sessions. The first one was the fundamental of BEM STAN. We took a look at the rules and the roles of BEM STAN for the Students Family of STAN or KM STAN. The second one was about leadership. At this session, I am interested in one of the key note speaker points: that team is together everyone achieve more. Well, that’s really right. In a team, we should encourage the other members to achieve the best of their potential. The output of joining organization is to understand new knowledge and skills and to be able to do more. The third session was closing the training with the spirit of students movements stories. The keynote speaker was an activist who have joined many street actions to protest government when he was a still a student.

I am not interested in doing demonstration or other street action to protest the government. I think it is better to help government to make better society. As we may well know, nowadays there has been many youth movement that can contribute a lot to national development, especially on preparing future leaders. Such movements can be seen from the mission and vision carried by youth national organization such as Indonesian Future Leaders, Forum for Indonesia, Garuda Youth Community, Isafis, StudentsxCEOs, etc. I think doing great things in such organization will make more impact. We need to prepare ourselves as we are going to be leaders in the future. I have a concern on the needs of preparing future leaders.

In a break time, I and my social department team (Andre, Dewi, Dhini, Ridwan, and Tony)  went to Sarmili. We had an invitation to attend a wedding of our program partner. We walked very far from the campus to the slump area of Sarmili. We took a time to do the Dzuhur prayer together in a mosque near the poor living area of Sarmili. The sun was really high. It was hot day and we got thirsty. We walked back to campus and got tired.

The training was closed with hilarious yell-yell by all teams in the training. It was really fun. The next training will be held on 29th and 30th September 2012. I rush to my kosan house right after the training finished. I took a rest.

So, keep motivated and do the best everyday!

DSC05348 the spirit of STAN Class of 2010