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Pusat Informasi Sosial Depsos BEM STAN
The final look of poster I made for Depsos project. I thank Nisa for the great photo to use for the poster. In the picture is a kid from Sarmili slum area, where Depsos is doing community services. We publish the poster to introduce Social Department of STAN student councils programs and also to invite the student to collaborate with us to do the social projects of Depsos.
The view when I was in my way back to Bintaro after visiting my brother in Bandung recently. I took my new hand phone there because the one I used to use was broken. I am using a blackberry Smartphone now. I found it  really powerful to communicate.
IMG00035-20120923-1950 IMG00034-20120923-1940Two interesting books in a gramedia bookstore in Pondok Indah Mall. I wish to save some money to buy these books, Business Model Generation and a novel ‘Bud, Not Buddy’.

I got a new address! Finally I can sleep in my new room. It is in Jalan Nako, Perumahan Pondok Jaya! I like the room. It is quite spacious. The owner of the house, Mrs. Pramono is a really friendly. My mother called her to save a room for me. They got to know each other because my parents stayed in Mrs. Pramono’s house when visiting me. It is really comfortable to get to my own room.
Enjoying a big dinner after helping Andita rearranged his room. The new arrangement made his room feels more spacious and comfortable. The last picture is a sandwich I made. I called it ‘bagelanbrotembroterpizza'. I like apple sandwich too.
This is the Uswatun Hasanah mosque in the night. It was a midnight. Ponjay was really calm and peaceful. Most of the residents were sleeping soundly in their homes. I took a walk to the Ponjay coffee shop for some food and milk. My new address is close to the Uswah mosque. I really like the mosque. It’s a peaceful place. It always give me peaceful feeling when I am in. A religious experience.
Meanwhile, these are some events that I am going to attend this month. I got two invitation from Vergi to attend an event of Wirausaha Mandiri and Wealth Expo Indonesia. I am also going to attend a contemporary French ‘Jerome Thomas Duo’ circus with Hijrah. It will be great.
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Have a great day, my friends!