Great Support after the fire

On September 11th, the house I shared with other students in Pondok Jaya, Bintaro, was in fire. The house was burnt and left a chaotic monument. These are some pictures of the event.

The fire was a shock for me. I never imagined the house will be burnt and for a while I was homeless. I was really stress. I am still overcoming my stress. I have to move again. I only stayed there for 11 days since I left my rented house in Kalimongso. I moved my things helped by my friends. After that, I have to seek for another place to live again. It was tiring, sad, and expensive.

Help coming from everywhere, from my family and friends. My parents was really shocked about the fire. They took the first flight to Jakarta from Makassar in the following day after the fire. I was really sad about them. My parents paid a lot of money for my room in the house. It’s burnt and I made them do many things for me again which cost much money and times. But, I was really happy they come for me. I needed their support. Though, I could call them and we could have a phone conversation, but it felt much supportive for me. They came with a big bag of clothes for me, including a batik shirt special from Abrar, my younger brother, a new sarong, and so on. They went home in the next day after visiting my brother in Bandung. I saw them off in the airport, and I was really sad. I couldn’t thank them enough. Everything I got, I pose, I am, it is because my parents efforts.

My friends come and they gave me many supports. My friends from BEM, my classmates of Pedes, IMAM, and many other came to calm me. Many asked about how the fire started and what I was going to do after the fire. Dio let me borrow his two training pants. Gilang let me borrow his pillow and Zakris borrowed me the cover for the pillow. I could not thank enough Andita for sharing his room during the post fire days until I got my new room in another house. Hijrah even came to visit me. She brought four pieces of clothes from her and Gio, my StudentsxCEOs director. I received many supports.

I am still having stress. I am really sorry to my parents and friends for the things they have to do for me. I was not asked for that, but they are really willing to help me. It make me understand what family and friends are for. They brought me to my new home, it’s nowhere, but I feel safe and peace. Thanks for all my friends for the support.

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