Getting Fine and Having Good Days

I am getting fine. I am currently staying away from any extra activities with my organizations. The result is good. I really enjoy my time. I study for my final semester examinations. I have finished five subjects from seven subjects. I have never been this focus before. I used to get many distraction from other routines beside studying.  I hope the result will be enough to uplift my scores for this semester. In my spare time, I would go to my campus library. I read books there. I borrow more books from the library,  take them home, and I read them.

Including in my reading lists are: Accounting Theory, Budaya Indonesia, two Academic Writing guide books, and a Developing Management Skills book. Accounting Theory is a big book which talks about the comprehensive theory of Accounting. It is not a practical book like most of books and subjects I have finished in my class, but give a scientific explanation about Accounting. One of the interesting fact is that the finding of double-entry book keeping is a start of capitalism in the world. It is the start of the people’s awake about assets and growing the capital. Accounting science has given a light to a fast growing world of commerce and economy overall.
my reading corner
The book of Accounting Theory has changed how I see Accounting. Before reading the book, I thought that Accounting is only a set of skills, but now I realize that Accounting is a science. This made me more excited to finish the book and get more books on Accounting theory, and its derivative topics like financial management, capital management, budgeting, and investment

Budaya Indonesia book is written by an archeologist. The book chapter I am currently reading talks about Hindu-Buddha temples in Indonesia. It’s interesting. Developing Management skills is a book that I have been trying to finish for almost two semesters. If you are interested to be a more efficient and effective person, you should pick this book at the library. I have covered about thirty percent of the contents of the books. I took Academic Writing books because I am preparing to write my scientific writing outline for my college. It’s a reference for me in preparing my final assignment: writing my field report. Next June, I will have an ‘internship’ in Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan (BPK) Perwakilan Provinsi Sulawesi Selatan in Makassar. It will be a month long. I will need to read more books and reference to prepare my topics of study related to my ‘internship’ in BPK. I thni the topics will be narrowed to government auditing topics.
I understand that I need to improve my accounting skills and get to know more about accounting science. I can’t wait to finish these 5 books and then borrow other books. Wish me luck to keep focus.

I enjoy more time for religious moments. I am doing my prayer more punctually, and more time to think about my life in Islam perspective. In my religious reflection, I have to improve myself to live fully-guided by Islam. This gives me such a peaceful feeling. This is a call from my heart. I am meant to be here, in this world, to do my role as a Muslim. Keeping in my religious routine makes me feel content and it is the best feeling.

As a set of my entertainment, I got Toro y Moi, Broken Social Scene, Body Language, John Mayer, Trapped in Kansas, Five for Fighting, and Tohpati in my music playlist.

I wish to have more time for studying. I want to have a peaceful feeling everyday, far from stressful life. I am doing my final year in STAN and I want to make the best of it to deserve a honor as an accounting graduate.


I wish you a great day :)