Reading and Resting

Hooray! Now, I am home again (literally). When heading to Makassar from Jakarta, I was with a nice girl named Paulina. I met her in the check-in counter. I helped her by carrying her small-but-heavy paper box. She studies in Makassar. She is really sociable and nice. She originally comes from Labuang Bajo, Flores. It’s a beautiful place with many attractive tourism places like Komodo park, nice beach, and three-color lakes in a mountain. She headed to Makassar after spent some days for Holidays in Jakarta and Bekasi. She regret about the flood.

In the aircraft, I sat next to her. We had a great conversation. She told me many things about Flores. She told me if someday a komodo runs after me, I should run zigzag-ly. It will save myself from getting bitten by the komodo, as the komodo will get confused.

The view from the window was amazing. I always enjoys nice view like this while travelling. We both enjoy amazing morning sky around us. We saw a group of clouds with reddish nuance, as the sun was rising and the light passes the cloud, they were pouring waters to the land beneath them. Amazing.  She told me that she usually take flights in the middays, never been in morning flight before. Having seen the great sky, she said that she is not regretting about his sister buying him early-morning ticket anymore. Having landed in Makassar, we waved goodbye.

My parents picked me up in the airport. I was also with Amar and Wahyu, my STAN college mates from Bone, South Sulawesi. They were also picked by their fathers. Amar and Wahyu are truly best friends. They went to the same High school, same college, and share a room in Bintaro. It’s just amazing that when we just arrived, I got to know that their fathers are also best friends (they look really alike). They two came to pick their sons together. Wow!

Abrar, my younger brother, was surprised with my coming. I did not tell him that I was coming to Makassar. Because, It was actually a sudden holiday. STAN Secretariat postponed the capacity building quarantine with Kopasus, making the academic calendar changed. It gave two weeks long holiday for me and other students.

I enjoy reading books in my home. I brought some books from Bintaro: Life Stories by Dino Pati Djalal, Dale Carnegie book, Budaya Indonesia by Prof. Edi, Accounting Theory book, and Developing Management Skills book. There are also some interesting books in my home, which added to my reading list. I also read Dienul Islam. It’s a good book about Islam.

My holiday resolutions are: 1. Finish all the books I brought from Bintaro and the nice books in my home before returning to Bintaro, 2. Fix my sleeping time so I will sleep at 10 PM, 3. Meet some friends here, 4. Help my family here, 5. Write for my blog about my past recent life and future plans, 6, Write my 2013 resolutions, 7. Send my SPWK letter to STAN before February.


my father, working in his corner at the house


My Mother, preparing the dinner


Abrar, in playful manner in his room


Toro, sleeping in Abrar’s room