Bad Feelings. Dead Folk

Bad Feelings - Dead Folk
A good music for me is the one that gives me energy and inspiration. I listen to many kind of music but found my self really enjoy foreign alternative music such as Toro y Moi, Wild Nothing, Body Language, Radio Department, Active Child, or Broken Social Scene. I got plenty numbers of musician that mostly my friends never heard about. I know sometimes it’s just okay when I actually really talk about the music I like to my friends but they look uninterested. I accept the fact that my choices of music I listen to is mostly different with most people around me. Maybe it is just a matter of taste. Each of us have different taste and references. I understand that’s everyone is unique as a result of their cultural, social, and geographical experiences, just like me.

Last month, in one of most stressful days and chaotic situations in early of this year, I talked to my buddy. I said that I was living somebody’s else life, not mine. I want to live fully live my life. I want to use my time to do things I really like. I want to read more books on my favorite topics. I want to be truly myself. I am glad that now everyday since that day, I have deliberated my choices and much more happier because I do things that I really want to do, not what people expect me to do. I do things that meaningful for me.

Sometimes, I found my self being puzzled. It makes bad feelings. It’s when I lost a purpose or a meaning in things I do. I like to question, why does it so? Why should it be like that? Why not this and that? Just glad, my self-awareness can be relied. I do a cross-check to my personal preferences and personal values. That’s how I get to ‘home’.

I was quite hyped-out. Unexpectedly, It has been quite lonely here for almost a week since I arrived again Bintaro. Though, I meet my friends everyday which make me happy, but mostly I do everything by myself. I don’t like the feeling when the days get dark and the night comes. It is when outdoor activities has been done and I go home and end up only staying my room. Alone and feeling-dead. Reading can make me fine, but it doesn’t always work. I should go to my friends places to overcome this feeling. Yet, somehow, I learn to accept this circumstances, a camaraderie for the nights. I will be fine.

Tonight, in another monotonous rhythm of night, I just found this band named Dead Folk. It’s not a pleasant name but they made good music. They got ‘Bad Feelings’ album. A music that is a bit strange but really a fresh good listening. It’s a sense of talking to yourselves, lonely, reflective, monotonic, a bit ironic but giving you satisfying feeling. You can listen to the songs here at http://dead-folk.bandcamp.com/album/bad-feelings. Few songs from the albums that I would recommend to you are Sleeping In, How I spent My Time, Nothing, and 72 Hours.

Have a good time for you.