New Brave World

I am now in my final semester in STAN. I am so grateful. I fell like all the handworks in the past semester is worth and paid. Here are some recent occurrences in my life.

I went back to Bintaro last Saturday afternoon. My parents took me to the airport. It feels like a casual trip. I feel a bit sad, for sure, that I am leaving them again for a while, but I am so excited about the new semester. I have made many plans. The two weeks holiday has given me enough time to take a rest and do a big reflection on my future (considering my past). I learnt many lessons from my past years. I just can’t wait to prove my self I have learned lessons and I can live my life better.

I and my parents took a little time to talk in front of departure gate. They are happy that I am going to graduate soon. I told them about my academic. I told them that in my second year, I did not get good grade, I was falling hard. But, I have made extra work in last semester and get a good grade for a return. They’re happy. I told my dad that I am committed to do my final assignment (big task to report my so-called internship next June in BPK). I want to show them that they got a good kid. It will be also a big challenge for me: writing long academic writing in English. I am excited to do it.

My parents and young brother will be coming to Bintaro when I graduate, to see me In the solemn ceremony of my graduation. I will do my best for them in this last semester. I want to make this last time as the best semester ever by getting best grade.

I left in the afternoon. I arrived in Bintaro, cleaned my room, and then sleep. In the next day, I attended StudentsxCEOs meeting in Epicentrum. It’s at Elite Club, where StudentsxCEOs usually hold the meeting. We got a new director. It is Ipul, my marketing manager. I have been working with him for almost a year now. I am not really surprised that he offered himself as the new director of StudentsxCEOs, He got so many wishes for StudentsxCEOs development. We hope that he will do it as good as Gio.

We are now preparing the recruitment for the next batch team. We will be looking for 14-16 students in Jabodetabek to be the team. I will also join the batch 2! It takes a while for me to think about that. But, eventually, I decided to continue to the batch 2 along with Ipul, Gandra, Ezar, and (maybe) Nuriy. I still need to learn many things about management, business, and also leadership. Working for StudentsxCEOs gives me many opportunities to get all the new knowledge and experience. I gained many things from StudentsxCEOs. I got new friends, new network, new perspectives, new knowledge, new method, and it takes me to many places.

My classmates picked me as the new class chairman! At first, I thought it was a joke. Last semester, I was not really a good student. Quite often, I come late to the class. I also did not really know them very well because to often I was busy and did not get a chance to socialize with them. But, Apis, the former chairman, said that I could do it. He said, “I give you two weeks. If you don’t feel fit being a chairman, you can tell me later. But, you can do this”. My classmates also encourage me to take that position so that I can learn to manage my time well. For the little example, not coming late to the class. Well, sure. What will the lecturers say if the chairman often come late? So, it is a big chance for me to show good respects to my classmates and my lecturers. I am glad that they trust me do this. They believe I can manage the class and cooperate well with the lecturers and STAN secretariats. Well, I am now in internship in the class chairman position. Let’s do it.

By the way, none of the lecturers has come. It’s been Wednesday and two last days we had no class time. In Monday, the lecturer was busy and confirmed that he could not come. In Tuesday, the class was canceled by Secretariat because the study material has not ready yet. I hope the lecturer will come today.

I have finished my Depsos report for first semester of work. I actually have finished the long report last month but I  have to made the revision. But, I am glad it’s finished now. It’s taking much time to finish the report. In the report, Depsos reported as a good performer team. We successfully gain 81 score out of 100! It was all hard work doing our projects.

Talking about working hard, I will always remember what my father told me. In last holiday in Makassar, my father was busy. He was preparing (and maybe still) two big projects. He gets up in the morning and starts working until late night (about 1-2 AM). It’s a little sad seeing how hard my father works in his working desk. Sometimes, I offer him coffee or tea. It was lunch time, and he was working in his desk. I sat in front of his desk. I worried about him. I asked him to take a rest. I also asked him why would he push himself working really hard. My father wisely told me that it’s better for him to get busy. He is happy with what he is doing. He also told me that getting busy is better that just doing nothing and start overthinking. It can causes stress. It’s really relieving. I left him with a better feeling. I know my father is passionate about what he’s doing. I might be wrong if that’s painful.

Let’s work hard and do the best. Have a nice day :)