Feeling Grateful

Hi. It’s been a while. A while since I actually lost many things, but I got a lot of things too. Maybe as an exchange.

I want to change my activities-chain and have more casual days rather than hectic days. I need to take care of my self, at least for a while. I will get my camera back and start another adventure and post it here. I promise, I will get all things in the right track. I just need a break. I have been trying to put my organizations, my academic, and my personal-life in balance. But, it’s not balance. I am taking a break.  I want to have more time with my friends and more casual time like reading books. I want to have sound sleeps in the night.

My friend, Soniya, frequently told me that I am not a superman. I am hardly trying to do everything in my own, rarely or never ask for other’s hands. She’s right. I am taking her advice. She and other 3J classmates has made me realize many valuable lessons, something I never notice seriously but it is seriously inviting problems. My classmates of 3J makes me learn many things. They gave me many lessons. I want to dedicate the rest of my times in STAN by giving the best services for them (as their class-chairman) and to have more quality-time with my good friends here.

These occurrences in few past weeks has given me lessons and valuable feedbacks. I gain more self-awareness. I become more understand about my social environment, about understanding and trusting others. I’m grateful for everything, for every lessons my friends has given me, especially 3J.