Haru Biru Hari Sabtu

Saturday noon, in my campus’ big hall. I went to the stage, few seconds after the MCs called my name. I wore Arjuna costume. I took the microphone given by the MCs. I stood still on the stage, alone. Then I spoke to the whole hall audience.

“This is one of the worst days in my life. Just wanna say Hi. Thanks”.

I put the microphone down and walked out of the stage.

Everyone got confused. The committee got shocked. Five minutes later, I exploded into a cry. I don’t care anymore. I was unconfident, tired. My mind has been exhausted since few days. I couldn’t do it. It was the worst day in my life. My friends ran to me and tried to calm me down. It was overwhelming. My friends felt sorry. I felt so sorry. But I have firmly decided no to present what I have prepared.

Thanks Andy, for teaching me dance ‘till the morning. Thanks, Dian, for your initiative to call 3J mates to help me and for your great ideas. Thanks Soniya and Yudha for calming words. Thanks for Sahib, Yuli, and Yayu, for running into backstage to findout what happened to me, calmed me down, and helped me with my Bugisnese’s Jas Tutup. Thanks April, for your patience and your words to strengthen me, but I have made my decision. I thank my classmates, IMAM, and all friends who have supported me.

I am really sorry.