Old Sam is Coming!

Hello. I would like to ask you for a play. Ready? Okay, now you’re my psychiatry. I would tell about my life recently. Please, listen.

I am now in my final semester in STAN. It’s going well. I am in a charge as the class chairman. It makes me really aware about my academic thingy. This help me engaging with my classmates too. This mandate has made my class attendance and punctuality increased. It’s good.

I am on a research with Mba Ellen. It sounds clever. My research is about Indonesia’s Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK). Mba Ellen invited me for this academic writing project. Mba Ellen told me that, “Academic writing is as essential as good public speaking skills. Since there have been many people with good public speaking skill, writing skill will add you more value”. I agreed. This actually one of my goals to learn more and get skill on academic writing. It’s been since I was a freshman in STAN, I really want to write for academic journal or so. Now, this’s my chance do that. I also want to write my internship report in English. So, this will be really helpful.

Outside my academic circle, I am involved with some projects. I am still working for Social Department of BEM STAN. I am now preparing a report for the secretariat of BEM. I am also helping STAN Library as volunteer. Last two weeks I worked with Mba Ellen and some volunteers to hold a big event, a conference on internal valuer. It’s an epic project. It’s an urgent call for the government to have internal valuer to keep Indonesia’s assets. This conference has established a platform for the Indonesia’s governments (central and local governments) for appraisal or valuer education. I need to contact Ari soon to talk about Simanupa project. Simanupa is my project with Ari and some other Papuan students for East Indonesia’s development.

Recently, I also got a new job in StudentsxCEOs. I am now working as the treasurer of StudentsxCEOs Jakarta Chapter. Prior to this job, I am working as marketing staff. I gained many skills and knowledge when I was in marketing department. I wish to gain more knowledge and skills by working as a treasurer. Well, I am happy for the new batch! The new kids are really excited. I believe the new kids will contribute for StudentsxCEOs program and development. They’re selected kids. I hope I can learn from them too. I wish the best for them, I wish they could gain knowledge and skills thru StudentsxCEOs programs.

What is important to me right now is to get back to my old me. I mean me in the past: an innocent one. Seriously, the hardship of life here in Jakarta and around could trap me into the hypocritic one. I think Sam in the old days is a lovely innocent boy. I want it back.

I also need a new handheld cause my blackberry was broken. A friend of mine lends me an old Nokia phone. That’s what I am using right now for communication. I need a new shoes too. I used to have some,but burnt and theft, now I only got one. By the way, I just feel really flat.

I am up to a new project too. I want to interview my friends.I am going to post people in my life profiles here soon, based from the interview. One by one. I will be sharing more about life perspective and purposes. It will be a good way to learn for myself or anyone who got lost in my blog.

Honestly, my days are kinda felt flat. Sometimes, I feel like being isolated. For sure, I want to stay out of trouble. . But, it’s okay, I am all right.

Thanks for giving me a chance to tell. Have a good day, my psychiatry.

Old innocent Sam is coming!

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