Internship at BPK RI


I am doing fine in my internship at BPK RI Perwakilan Provinsi Sulawesi Selatan. The head of the office Mr. Cornel welcomed us on the first day of our internship. He talked to us about his views on BPK roles and his office projects. We also met the head of the office secretariat, Mr. Tanka. Our supervisor is Mrs. Novi. She is very nice to us. She kindly manage and provide all our curious needs.

I and my internship mates (Wahyu, Fita, Yuli, and Adit) got assignments too. We worked for Sikad. We were still working on classifying audit findings in year timeline when Mrs. Novi moved us to different departments. I am now occupying an empty desk in Law and Public Relation department. I work with Sikad again there. I have many assignments. They remain unfinished. Wish me luck.