Graduation I

with IMAM mates!
On last Tuesday (8/10/13), I had my graduation ceremony (yudisium) in STAN campus. The ceremony was held in Gedung G, our main campus hall, and attended by all the graduating students. The graduating students consisted of 1400 accounting students and 140 customs students. It took three years to finish this education (2010 – 2013). It was happy, sad, struggling, difficult, and mind-blowing. I remember the times when I wanted to give this up. I am glad that those times have passed. I learned many life lessons through my education in STAN. My life experiences in Bintaro is also really colorful. After all, I am looking forward to continuing my education. I wish to make it next year.
The next graduation ceremony (wisuda) will be held on October 23rd in Sentul, Bogor. My parents and my brother, Abrar, will fly to Jakarta for this ceremony. Aldy, my older brother, who lives in Bandung, will also come. I can’t wait to see them. I hope they’re happy for what I have achieved.