Interview: Financial Management Problems

On Thursday (17/10/2013), I had an interview for a vacant position in Fund Development Management in Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan (LPDP), Ministry of Finance. Thanks to Dian, my friends who currently works there, for giving me a recommendation for this interview. I was interviewed by the head of the division and it was smooth. I enjoyed the interview. These are some parts of the interview.

Please tell me about yourself.

I just graduated from Diploma in Finance Program, Specializing in Accounting from Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara. I am currently working for a student-led organization named StudentsxCEOs. In my vacant time, I enjoy reading books on management.

What is your biggest personal achievements?

In 2010, I went to Papua as one of the representatives of AFS – Bina Antarbudaya Makassar Chapter. We held exchange program selection for high-school students there. About a hundred of them. It was recognized by AFS Office in New York as a notable expansion leap. They’re happy that the program has crossed and reached Papua.

What differentiates your character?

Cranky, maybe. Back then, I remember I was the only student who always put on a tie when attending classes in my campus. Just because nobody else do such thing does not mean it is prohibited.

What is loan to deposit ratio?

Honestly, I don’t know. Is that the ratio between how much money a bank gave to the market and the money saved in its deposit?

Yes, it is. If the loan to deposit ratio is 90%, do you think it is healthy?

No. It is too much. Unhealthy. If the rush happens, the bank will get into a trouble. But, I think it also depends on the market situation. LPS guarantees all the deposit anyway. Therefore, such ration is putting the bank and the government at risk.

How is your mark for Financial Management course?

Not high. But, I passed it, seriously.

The interview reminded me to embark on advancing my financial management knowledge, especially about capital investment. I remember my financial management lecturer required me to make an essay to pass the course. I managed to finish an essay titled ‘Financial Management in My Perspective: Key to Financial Success’.