Graduation of STAN 2010

The Graduation ceremony for Diploma in Finance Program of Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara, held in Sentul International Convention Centre, Bogor (23/10/2013). 2441 students walked into the great hall in glorious triumph. Parents and family watched their beloved one from the upper seats of the tribune hall. STAN Senates members, who consists of STAN’s director, academicians, supervisor board, and Ministry of Finance’s  top officers, came in. Minister of Finance, Chatib Basri, began the speech,  “Congratulation for your graduation!”. I thanks for my parents and family, friends, and STAN faculty members for all the support that made this day happened.

Sam Wahyudi Junaib

Photo by Tony. Behind me, students were lining for getting into the SICC Hall.