Life After Graduation

Having graduated from STAN, I have one year free before I have to do my assignment for government, as STAN graduates are obliged to do. I had an option to going back home. My mom told me that she wished me to go back. Honestly, I really wanted to go home. It is the most comfortable place in the world. My house, my family, my friends, and the beauty of Makassar city are really tempting. But, I haven't finished my role as a team member of one of my organizations. My father encouraged me to embark my professional experience in Jakarta. “Look for good company”, my father said. So, looking for an internship is my first goal, and the second priority left for that organization. I promised to myself that I will make the most of this free one year.
I am quite picky about my internship. My internship experience should be in a really good company. I don’t want to work for company that has no reputation. I know my competence and I know what I deserve to get. So, after my parents left me in Bintaro. I started looking for an internship. I first planned to get an internship in auditing or management consulting firm. I told to myself that I have to start it on November, as soon as possible, so my parents won’t worry about me here.

Meanwhile, Fitt contacted me and offered me a chance to join the committee of KL-YES program selection. As AFS Volunteer, I have wished so long to work for Bina Antarbudaya Central Office in Jakarta. This is now the 5th year since I started volunteering for AFS Bina Antarbudaya. So for sure, I accepted Fitt’s invitation. The selection took place in Wisma Handayani on November 14-18, 2013. It was really fun. It is the smoothest organizing committee I ever joined. AFS people are always awesome.

I could not make internship on November. It was hard to think how I am going to manage my time for internship, organizational affairs & AFS committee. So, I postpone my desire for an internship. After working for KL-YES selection Program, I started sending two emails. I really thank to Kak Rieka, my senior in AFS Makassar Chapter, for sending me information about internship in a assurance firm and a manufacture company. I sent application to those two companies, for junior auditor internship position.
One morning, I got a call from the manufacture company. They offered me the chance to join the internship program! It was a great deal. But during the conversation in the phone, I hesitated because sometimes I still have meetings with my organization. Especially because now my organization-mates managed to take me as the chief of sponsorship for our Summit. So, I hesitated and the opportunity’s gone.  What makes me caught in dilemma here is balancing my internship plan and my organization. My biggest concern is what my parent think really matters to me. If I want an internship, my organization’s affair will suffer.
AFS Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study 2014-2015 
AFS KL-YES Acitivities by Bina Antarbudaya, Wisma Handayani.
Handry Satriago StudentsxCEOs558025_10201579190235088_1668728337_n
StudentsxCEOs “Meet the CEOs” program with Mr. Handry Santriago (CEO GE Indonesia) and Mr. Wempy Dyocta Koto (CEO Global Wardour and Oxford).
Meet Kak Rieka and Kak Ayumi
Hanging Out with Kak Rieka and Kak Ayumi.