Road to StudentsxCEOs Alumni

I am currently in Bintaro. I flew back again here on April 5, 2014 for StudentsxCEOs affairs. As I arrived here, the recruitment for the new team had just begun. I contributed to the recruitment as well as doing my job as treasurer.

So glad that the recruitment phases had finished. The recruitment is parallel both for Jakarta Chapter and Bandung Chapter. My base operation, Jakarta Chapter, had finished selecting the right team members trough application, interview, focus group discussion, and internship. It’s highly selective! We have also conducted the fit and proper test for a new project director. I also kept my eye on potential candidate for the treasurer position and gave in the name as recommendation for the new team. By May 10, we successfully had the new project director or CEO and his board-team.

Having finished the closing entries and some adjustment, I submitted the financial report for Jakarta Chapter. It’s such a pride to finally use my accounting skill for non-academic purpose. I took benefit from accounting practices I learned in my college. The financial report is a standard one that includes financial statement, cash-flows, activities, budget-realization, and the notes. This work is a pioneer in StudentsxCEOs. I feel really satisfied with my job.

Therefore, I am now in the league of alumni. It’s such a good feeling! I have worked for StudentsxCEOs for more than two years. It’s since March 2012. I feel relieved that we have given in this organization to, hopefully, a competent team. I hope the new teams, of Jakarta Chapter and Bandung Chapter, will go trough deep experience and learn valuable knowledge and leadership in StudentsxCEOs, as I do. I wish the Meet the CEO program will help them shape their vision too. Good luck for the new team.

This is not an end. As I quoted from one of StudentsxCEOs alumni, this is only the beginning.



StudentsxCEOs Alumni

Some throw-backs from StudentsxCEOs. Hey, my hair is growing up!