Some Recent Experiences I Want to Share

I am now in Makassar again, my hometown. I left Bintaro on last September 27th. Here are some recent experiences I want to share.

Job Appointment

My campus, STANSekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara, is organized by Ministry of Finance. Consequently, all students have to work for it after their graduation. My class, STAN 2010, have been waiting for the job appointment for almost one year. Last September, finally, the Ministry of Finance have distributed us to various bureaus and directorates. It cheered all of us.

I am appointed to the Direktorat Jenderal Perbendaharaan (DJPB) – or the General Directorate of Treasury. DJPB holds two vital jobs: to distribute cash to all government bodies throughout the country and  to prepare a consolidated financial report of the government. That means I will work close to accounting system and procedures. I feel excited and grateful.

The work will start on November 1st. I will work in the DJPB central office in Jakarta for next 8 or 9 months before getting posted to a DJPB regional office. Meanwhile, I am going to get prepared by studying technical knowledge about DJPB.

Learning French

I started learning French since 2010. But it was not until this year I successfully intensified my French learning. I exercise my French using some references such as Rosetta Stone French, Oxford Take Off in France, Collins Easy Learning French Grammar, and a very old book published in 1951 titled “Parlez vous fran├žais?” that I bought in a second-hand bookshop. I also watch French films. It is fun!

I have grasped the basic French grammar, daily phrases, and vocabularies. There is also this Rosetta Stone language software that teaches me French. It consists of 5 levels and I have completed 2 level so far! Yet, I still mispronounce t’appellerai or retrouverons, and I don’t know much about French verb-conjugation. But, I will keep studying French, bit by bit, so someday I can read “Le Petit Prince” or “Monsieur Ibrahim et Les Fleurs du Coran” .

Taking an edX course

I am taking the Write101x Grammar and Style course at edX to improve my writing. In the first week, it discussed grammar basic theory. Do you know that grammar and glamour are essentially the same word? I didn’t know it until I took this course. Grammar also used to mean a knowledge of magic. It creates a spell that enables us to understand each other and ourselves (D’Agustino, 2014). Besides grammar, I also have learned about sentence problems and some ideas about proper writing.

I have completed the second week so far and I have submitted a writing assignment. The third week has not started yet. Meanwhile, I am reading “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” by Haruki Murakami, one of the course’s suggested reading.


I wish rain will fall soon in Makassar. I have missed many opportunities to update this blog. So, I also wish to post more about my experiences later. Au revoir!